Zero waste packaging: Bio­degradable cushioning

Light-weight, bioinspired packaging solutions

zero waste packaging

Key words: Light-weight, Recyclable, Sustainable, Biobased, Degradable, Packaging, Cushioning, EPS replacement

DURATION: 45 min + 15 min Q&A

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How to replace non-renewable cushioning materials, like expanded polystyrene, in packaging? When did you last recycle expanded polystyrene (EPS) cushioning material? Can EPS be replaced?  Join the webinar and hear how fibre foams and biopolymers will transform the packaging industry.

VTT has developed a 100% bio-based, recyclable solution to replace non-renewable cushioning materials. Fibre foam enables light-weight structures from wood pulp. As the air bubbles leave the space in the structure, it creates a very thick and porous structures from renewable and recyclable wood. Fibre foam cushioning can be recycled like milk cartons nowadays.

Plastic solutions will still be required in many applications. Flexible foams made from biodegradable polymers such as thermoplastic starches and PHA will provide an option for cushioning when reinforced with pulp fibres. These foams have significantly reduced carbon footprint and are environmentally degradable, minimising microplastic pollution.

Legislative changes and consumer demand necessitate companies to find alternative solutions. If you want to be ready for the future – start now!

Key learning objectives:

  • See demonstration of light-weight bio-based cushioning
  • Patent landscape -Learn who is active in the field
  • Hear the benefits and limitations of bio-based cushioning materials

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Presented by:

Elina Pääkkönen, Senior Scientist
Elina Pääkkönen, is a senior scientist in the Biocomposites and processing team at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland ltd. She has a strong background in new fibre based products made by using foam forming technology. She was awarded in the Blue Sky Young Researchers and Innovation competition held in Brussels at the European Paper Week in November 2017. Her topic was “How to replace non-renewable packaging materials?”. In recent years, she has worked in customer projects as a project manager. She has more than 15 scientific publications and conference presentations related to bio-based materials and products.


David Sandquist, Principal Scientist
David Sandquist, PhD, is a principal scientist in biocomposites at VTT. He has an extensive scientific background in chemical engineering, polymer and wood science. Through a broad international scientific network spanning multiple disciplines, he has helped push a holistic biomaterial development, central to the circular economy. In the last five years, he has focused on leading biocomposite development and commercialization projects. His current scientific focus is on characterization and improvement of interface phenomena and architecture in biocomposite materials.

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