Wood to Food: Creating less energy-dense food structures

Written by: Natalia Rosa-Sibakov — Research Scientist


Preparing healthy dairy products without sacrificing their appearance, texture and mouth-feel.


Using natural wood-based dietary fibres such as xylan isolated from birch pulp as a multifunctional component.



Research Scientist Natalia Rosa-Sibakov (PhD)
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Food Solutions

Natalia Rosa-Sibakov in brief

Natalia Rosa-Sibakov’s research interests focus on the technological but also nutritional properties of dietary fibre and co-passengers.

She has solid knowledge on the structure of cereal dietary fibre (notably arabinoxylan and beta-glucan) as well as modification methods – i.e. mechanical and enzymatic – to tailor their functional properties. In addition, she has experience on the application of plant-based ingredients in diverse food products, such as pasta, beverages and yogurt.

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