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How can we extract the full benefit of aromatic lignin side streams from modern lignocellulosic biorefineries and traditional pulp mills? What will be the most promising lignin products entering the markets in the near future? What are the major challenges still to be overcome, and the technological breakthroughs needed for the commercialisation of innovative and high-value lignin products?

This webinar reviews the status of latest technologies for the utilisation of lignin in a wide range of products and a patent landscape demonstration visualises the upcoming global trends in lignin applications.

The main focus of this webinar is in material development where the polymeric nature of lignin can be utilised. Special features of industrial lignins, originating from different processes and feedstocks, are assessed to map target products.

Novel cost efficient upgrading technologies are highlighted through the following case examples:

  • Production of highly reactive lignin for phenolic resins using novel lignin separation technology
  • Cost-efficient and simple lignin functionalisation technology for high-performance concrete plasticisers, providing also versatile utilisation potential as surface active agent in a wide range of consumer products
  • Means to convert lignin into a thermoplastic and melt processable polymer for e.g. composites and coatings

Join this webinar to learn how you could speed up your development activities related to lignin valorisation.

 Key learning objectives:

  • Patent and market overview: opportunities for commercialisation of lignin
  • Hear the benefits and challenges of different industrially produced lignins
  • Discover the potential of lignins in resins, thermoplastic materials, and as surface active agent
  • Find out how to tailor lignin properties

Presented by:

Tiia Liitiä, Research Team Leader

Dr. Tiina Liitiä works as a Research Team Leader at VTT. Her background is in polymer chemistry, and she has worked for more than 15 years with biomass fractionation and characterization. For several years, her main focus area has been lignin characterisation and applications. She has 35 peer reviewed scientific publications and nearly 40 full-text conference papers.

Tarja Tamminen, Principal Scientist

Dr Tarja Tamminen works as a Principal Scientist at VTT. Her background is in organic chemistry, and for 24 years her research has been related to the chemistry of wood processing and other biomass applications.  Her special field of interest is lignin characterisation and modification. She has 85 peer reviewed scientific papers and several other publications.


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