Research Professor Kaisa Poutanen was awarded with Clyde H. Bailey Medal

Research professor Kaisa Poutanen awarded with Clyde H. Bailey Medal

ICC Academy (ICC – International Association for Cereal Science and Technology) awarded Research Professor Kaisa Poutanen with their most valuable recognition award, Clyde H. Bailey Medal, on 14 November 2017. The medal was granted due to Kaisa Poutanen’s significant contribution and achievements in the field of cereal research, technology development and health effects of wholegrains. Kaisa Poutanen’s cereal-related research has focused on wholegrains and fibre, especially bioprocessing and health effects of wholegrains. She has lead many large projects, such as Nordic cooperation network related to rye and the giant EU project to develop healthy cereal products.

ICC Academy’s Clyde H. Bailey medal has been granted 13 times during 1970–2016. Kaisa Poutanen is the first Scandinavian who has received the medal. The medal was awarded at the International Whole Grain Summit 2017 in Vienna.

Kaisa Poutanen
Research Professor
Tel. +358 40 540 3326


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