Low CAPEX solutions for thermochemical biorefinery investments

New technologies converting residues and waste to high-value products

thermochemical biorefinery investments

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What are the global trends and patent environment of large biorefinery investments? How to develop your biorefinery projects in changing business environment? What are the recent technology development of thermochemical biorefineries? How to improve the economics of thermochemical biorefinery investments?

A mixture of bio-based value added products including fuels, energy, chemicals and materials are produced in future biorefineries. Business environment for these investments is changing rapidly due to new regulations as well as agreements on climate change actions. Thermochemical biorefineries based on technologies such as gasification and pyrolysis have high potential for future investments. However, so far high CAPEX and biomass logistics of these investments have often been the hurdle.

This webinar reviews:

  • Gasification & fast pyrolysis of wastes and biomass residues
  • A more flexible product mix from thermochemical biorefineries
  • Cost efficient scale up of your biorefinery through VTT Bioruukki-concept
  • Our view to the future

Join this webinar to learn how you could speed up your biorefinery development and investments utilising VTT´s thermochemical platform solutions.

Valuable glimpse to global trends

Visualisation of patent applications provides an early indication of technology trends and strategic directions of an industry. In this webinar we are highlighting the patent landscape for the gasification and pyrolysis technology areas, with demonstrations of current and future R&D trends.

Key learning objectives:

  • Patent and market overview: valuable glimpse to global trends
  • How to manage with the changing business environment – ROI versus risk
  • Learn the new technologies and how to take the best out of side streams
  • How to commercialise technologies gradually with low capex

Presented by:

Juha Lehtonen, Research Professor

Juha Lehtonen, Dr. Tech. (Chemical Engineering) is a research professor of Bioenergy and thermochemical processes at VTT. He has a long career in industrial research organizations as a specialist of chemical reaction engineering, catalysis and development of biofuels, bioenergy, oil refinery and specialty chemicals processes. Before starting at VTT in 2016 he has worked for four years as a professor of Industrial Chemistry at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland) concentrating on catalytic and thermochemical conversion of biomass to energy and value added chemicals and fuels.

Ilkka Hannula, Senior Scientist

Ilkka Hannula, Dr. Tech. (Energy Engineering) is a senior scientist at VTT. His work involves identification of promising energy conversion pathways, technology strategies and policy measures suitable for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and energy-intensive industries. His specific research interests include carbon-neutral synthetic fuels, technical change, and the role of bioenergy in a low-emission energy system. He is an alumnus of the Energy Systems Analysis Group of Princeton University and Energy Policy Research Group of the University of Cambridge.

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