Food without Fields

Cellular agriculture for sustainable food production

Key words: Cellular agriculture, biotechnology, cell cultures,  animal/food protein, fresh food, microbial organisms, fermentation

Duration: 45 min + 15 min Q&A

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What if food could be produced without fields? What if milk and egg proteins could be made without animals? What if fresh and nutritious fruits and berries could be grown at anytime and anywhere, even on your kitchen counter? What if biotechnology, cellular agriculture, could offer sustainable solutions for the future of food?

Climate change and growing population put immense pressure on food systems. At the same time traditional agriculture is a significant source of greenhouse gases and a threat to biodiversity. The food systems need radical innovations to decouple food and environment! This webinar describes that production of food in fully contained, vertical systems can be part of the sustainable breakthroughs in the food supply.

Cellular agriculture describes the use of single cell organisms or cell cultures for food production. Most attention has been in propagation of animal cells; cultured meat or clean meat. This webinar goes beyond that and describes utilization of cultured plant cells as fresh food, use of microbial organisms for single cell protein and cutting edge technologies enabling feasible large-scale production of functional animal proteins in heterologous expression systems, by fermentation.

Key learning objectives:

  1. Positioning of cellular agriculture in food system and regulatory framework
  2. What are the cutting edge tools for harnessing microbes for food production?
  3. What is the potential of cellular agriculture beyond the cultured meat?
  4. Learn the benefits of producing food through cellular agriculture.

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Presented by

Lauri Reuter, Senior Specialist
Lauri Reuter, PhD biotechnology has his expertise in cell biology, genetic engineering and protein production at scale. His passion is in securing the future food production and decoupling it from the environment. He is working on VTT research strategy on cellular agriculture and is developing a concept for growing plant cell cultures for food, event at home.

Emilia Nordlund

Emilia Nordlund, Research Team Leader
Dr Emilia Nordlund, D.Sc. (Tech.) heads VTT’s Food Solutions team, targeting at more unrefined plant-based foods and at developing new product and processing concepts for an efficient and sustainable future food chain. She has expertise in bioprocessing, especially enzyme technology, of plant-based ingredients for food applications, such as bakery products. She is also developing ways to support healthy eating via new food delivery and eating concept.

Christopher Landowski

Christopher Landowski, Research team leader
Christopher Landowski, PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences) is the Research Team Leader of the Protein Production Team at VTT. He has over 15 years of experience in recombinant protein production in bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungi. His research work at VTT focuses on technologies to improve strain construction, boosting productivity, and reducing secreted protease activity. He is currently Principal Investigator on an Academy of Finland funded research project to study sugar sensing and enzyme secretion in filamentous fungi (2016-2020). Dr. Landowski has published 34 articles and is an inventor in 8 patents. Prior to VTT he was a researcher at the University of Michigan (USA) and Harvard Medical School (USA).

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