Flexibility from bioenergy

The role of bioenergy in balancing the electricity grid and providing storage options

Flexibility from bioenergy


DURATION: 60 min (45min lesson + 15 min Q&A)

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The role of wind and solar in electricity production will increase more rapidly compared to other renewable sources. The energy market transformation from an energy optimized to capacity-optimized system is expected when the share of intermittent or uncontrollable electricity becomes large enough. Bioenergy, in its various forms, can eventually contribute to balancing the electricity grid as an effective, low carbon and low cost grid management and energy storage option. Seasonality, i.e. energy demand fluctuations in the winter and summer seasons, is one of the key challenges for future smart energy system management, which will have various consequences for optimization in various parts of Europe and globally. This represents a clear synergy in seasonal balancing between photovoltaics and biomass, especially in connection to biomass CHP.

Key words: biomass, capacity-optimization, intermitted, fluctuation

Learning objectives:

  1. Role of renewables, bioenergy and bioelectricity today
  2. Increasing market demand for renewables in 2030 meeting the climate targets
  3. Challenges of balancing the grid with large shares of variable generation
  4. Opportunities for bioenergy in balancing the grid

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Presented by:

Antti Arasto

Antti Arasto, Research Manager

Antti Arasto, D.Sc. (Tech), is an expert in techno-economic assessment especially related to bioenergy, biofuels use and conversion, biorefinery and carbon capture and storage technologies in addition to energy strategy assessments and roadmaps. He has wide knowledge on energy and system evaluation of various carbon neutral energy and bioeconomy related concepts backed up with know-how on energy related policies and strategies. In addition to offering development and project acquisition, he is experienced in modelling and process simulation of energy production processes with various simulation tools, specializing in Aspen Plus process simulation software. Antti’s experience in energy sector extends from research to power plant construction and commissioning abroad. Antti works currently also as an IEA bioenergy agreement ExCo alternate representative of Finland, as well as a personal representative in EERA ExCo.

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