Bioeconomy Food

Developing tasty and functional pulse fractions

Written by: Nesli Sözer — Principal Scientist


Anti-nutritional factors and inferior techno-functional properties of protein ingredients obtained from pulses.


Development of subsequent mechanical and bioprocessing technologies.



Nesli Sözer, Principal Scientist, Principal Investigator
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Food Solutions

Nesli Sözer in brief

“My ambition is to find sustainable plant sources with multi-functionality and to boost their applicability. I am passionate on developing novel personalized healthy food structures”, says Nesli Sözer.

Dr Sözer is specialised in food material science and food ingredient & product design. She has a specific focus on plant matrix e.g. on dietary fibre and protein. Recently, she has been working on the use of 3D Food Printing technology towards structure formation. She is also running the “Agile Food Manufacturing Technologies” cluster under VTT’s Food Economy 4.0 opportunity pathway.

“Within the 17 years of my research career I have focused on utilizing plant tissues as building blocks of food structure and understanding the physical and chemical basis of structure to reveal the physical markers of sensory responses. I enjoy working in emerging and new technologies with potential to industrial applications”, says Dr Sözer.

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