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Cellulose goes digital

VTT has envisioned the next generation of the forest-based based value chain, where multiproduct biorefineries will have a central role. The digitally assisted business ecosystems between industries will develop value-added cellulose products and revolutionise bio-based material markets.

VTT Cellulose Vision

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1. The forest-based industries – disruptions followed by renewals
2. Change drivers in forest-based and cellulose value chains
– Global megatrends
– Industry transition towards utilisation of renewable resources
3. Vision – digitalisation reorients cellulose-based industries
– towards customer-centric business
– Customer-specific manufacturing
4. Digitalisation – the path to industry revolution
– Digitalisation in the cellulose-based industries
– Cloud technology boosts material circulation
– Cellulose-based materials as a service
5. Towards agile cellulose fractionation processes
– Current pulp mill concepts and their challenges
– The evolving kraft biorefinery
– Novel flexible small-scale biorefineries
6. An ecosystem of value-added cellulose products
– The cellulose material platform
– Game-changer technologies
– Product roadmap
– Emerging cellulose-based materials
7. The emergence of a new industry structure
– The role of start-ups
– Measures of change
– The day after tomorrow

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