Visions of an intelligent, consumer-centric food production

Change paths, technological solutions and new business models towards Food Economy 4.0

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Key words: Tailored, Personalised, Sufficiency, Raw material efficiency, Sustainability, Digitalisation, Agility, Vitality

DURATION: 45 min + 15 min Q&A

How can food be produced while fostering the Earth and its atmosphere? How and from where will we buy our food? How will information technology affect the management of food information?

In the future, food must be produced with increasingly smaller investments for ‘diginative’, aware and demanding consumers. Food must support staying healthy. What is the new Food Economy 4.0 that answers these challenges?

VTT now shares the results of an extensive roadmap work that led to the vision of intelligent, sustainable, consumer-centric ecosystem. In this webinar we reveal three change paths towards Food Economy 4.0, where physical production merges with digitalisation. We present technological solutions and new business models that enable the change.

Key learning objectives:

  1. Three central change paths towards Food Economy 4.0
  2. New emerging technologies opening business opportunities
  3. How ingredients and food are made in the future
  4. What does ´prosumerism´ mean in practice?

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Presented by:

Kaisa Poutanen, Research Professor
Kaisa Poutanen, D.Sc. (Tech.) has extensive scientific experience, especially in connecting food technology and nutrition sciences, documented in over 280 reviewed international scientific publications, 54 book chapters and 8 patents. She is honorary doctor in food sciences at University of Helsinki and well-networked internationally, with numerous expert positions. Her current research is on plant food bioprocessing and supply chain, with special focus on providing more dietary fibre, protein and phytochemicals in innovative food concepts.

Emilia Nordlund, Research team leader

Dr Emilia Nordlund, Research Team Leader, D.Sc. (Tech.) heads VTT’s Food Solutions team, targeting at more unrefined plant-based foods and at developing new product and processing concepts for an efficient and sustainable future food chain. She has expertise in bioprocessing, especially enzyme technology, of plant-based ingredients for food applications, such as bakery products. She is also developing ways to support healthy eating via new food delivery and eating concept.

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