Designer yeast for desirable beverages

How to develop beer, wine and cider yeast that benefit both producer and customer?

Webinar yeast development

Key words: Yeast, Saccharomyces, brewing, beer, cider, wine, hybrids, adaptation, flavour, tolerance

DURATION: 25 min + 10 min Q&A

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How to realise the full potential of your beverage yeast without resorting to genetic modification? How to differentiate your product in a market where diversity is becoming the norm? VTT presents solutions for designing yeasts for the needs of the modern beverage fermentation industries.

We rely on strains of Saccharomyces yeast to produce our beer, wine, cider and distilled beverages. These strains are required to perform multiple tasks to ensure efficient fermentation and deliver a high quality product. There is, however, no perfect strain that possesses every desirable property for a given process. Genetic modification is not an option due to consumer mistrust and it seems that compromise is a fact of life. Or is it?

In this webinar VTT will show how natural methods such as yeast breeding and evolutionary engineering can be used to enhance the performance of domestic yeast strains. We will demonstrate how these techniques have been used to promote temperature tolerance and flocculation as well as determine the flavour profiles of beer, wine and cider

Key learning objectives:

  1. How yeast diversity can be exploited to promote product diversity
  2. How evolutionary engineering can be used to refine existing properties
  3. How hybridization has been used to combine beneficial properties of different yeasts

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Presented by:

Brian Gibson, Principal Scientist and Project Manager
Dr Brian Gibson is a Principal Scientist and Project Manager at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Ltd. where he has worked since 2009. Brian is responsible mainly for projects relating to industrial yeast biology and fermentation. Current topics of interest include improvement of yeast performance through hybridization and/or adaptive evolution as well as optimization of process conditions. The underlying mechanisms (genetic, molecular, physiological) that govern yeast performance are a main topic of interest. All research carried out has an applied focus with brewing being particularly important. Brian’s group is also actively engaged in projects related to other fermented and distilled beverages, bioethanol and baking.

Brian was awarded his PhD from University College Dublin in 2004, after which he carried out research at the Oxford Brookes University and University of Nottingham, UK.

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